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dreams......and friends..

joan and jill..

mab (the head), nette, jan, joan, jill and michelle...

it's soooo nice to hang out with joan again..
which i did..
since last wednesday....we watched eclipse..
then on friday...we watched inception (with jan and nette)...
and on saturday...we went to the bon odari festival and got lost together...XD
it's like..i saw her 3 times a week...!! =D

i DID enjoy's cool to see the cameron dude from 10 things i hate about you acting action roles in inception as arthur instead of nerd roles..^-^..
dream of dream...x3...
phew..that's deep..
there this things that intrigues me..
it's true that when you've started dreaming..
you won't really remember the beginning of the dream...
how it started..
and the subconscious?
it's so's like i could understand....when all those dreams 'bout jian bear?
that he never really talks in my dreams..
it's cuz that's the way i know him in reality his w…

food and got lost...

'tis the not exactly the worst evening ever..but not one that i'd like to encounter in the future again...>.<||..
right after work..
picked up mab then michelle, then joan and jill and lastly nette and janice..
then we set off to meru valley..
guess what? on the way there, we got lost. took the wrong turn..
but eventually, when we got there, had a text from ivan G-man telling me to park where..
thought i was being stalked..= =||
apparently, he's leaving just as i was arriving..didn't see him anyway.
so, the festival's more like a place where TONS of people are there..but with almost no japanese food, and lots of local food, like fried mee, laksa, satay, cendol..= =||
there's those traditional japs dance..line dance, performed by the locals..which included their version of Nobody by Wonder Girls...
there's also traditional songs sung by a local too?..
lucky draws and catching gold fishes..etc..
we were amused and entertained by these for 'bout an …

from down to up..

janice, me and nette..

since morning till now..
there's been a lil' improvement in me mood..
work just now was interesting..
at least im not bored doing colouring for this thurday's class prep..
and it's always interesting to listen to those parents talk 'bout their daily lives or whatever happened..
not all of them are exactly're some new stuff 'bout today's society..
haha..such as fraud salespeople using new techniques to cheat money off u..
as for the kids..ah..they're all adorable angels..XD..


i've been i've feeling worried and agitated 'bout the future.
but not doing anything about it..
it's like, money, money, money..
to earn it, to love it, to save it, to use it..
just now, i had supper with boon keat..
he told me that he's dumped in some money into unit trust and fixed deposit..then we discussed 'bout the foreign currency..


it's so odd..
i've never really slept the day away before..
after sending lil' bro to school this morning..and the maid to the shop..
went back to sleep..
just woke up..and had a bath..
then checked for updates..
and nut nudged me just as i logged into the net..= =||..
same old same old..'cept that it's a different issue this time..sigh..
no wonder he decided to be the inquisitor..
no love vibes,boo.
just keepin it recorded..=)
i think i'm skipping lunch today again..
right, time for work.
- peace out -

beer beer beer..

first time at berlinz bier houz..

with lil' porpy

and yan..

with michelle

tried my first hoegarden..^-^

went for beer on friday and saturday..
trying out different beers..but all tasted like water..= =||..
i thought there'd be a lil' different..
it's my first time drinking for loosing tension and not really for fun..
the fun part is only to try out new stuff..
must be odd for joan to hear from me all of a sudden..
i'd forgotten that jian bear and joan are acquainted..
i haven't been out with joan since the time wui yarn left for U.S..
and i do have loads to ask and catch up on....^-^..
sigh..last time..maybe cuz we were kids..
it's all so
puzzle puzzle..
-peace out-

ah...teaching teaching teaching..

berlinz bier houz

i started teachin in 2oo8
and yan started a lil' later..
then hsin yee came along and joined..XD
but it's different fields of course....yan and hsin are the home-tuition teachers and im in the music field..
thinking back when me and yan were the only teachers and hsin workin only as promoter..
we were always being teezed by her..
and now..she's teaching kiddies...XD..seems to be piece of cake for her..since they're mostly kindergartens..= =||..
ivan g-man's right 'bout 3 teachers goin out..
it's been ages since we've done that..
but it's also quite likely the last time..
since they're both graduating in this semester..T_T..
and there'll be no more............bugger that..
at least there's only one subject left...with the 1st years...dang..
im still waiting.
and i've got to go back to finish my ATCL..diploma first level in piano..
im still waiting.
and im wondering when i'll get settled with a good job that i like.
im still…

..thursday's mood.

boss gave me orange juice and cheese cake for "lunch" at 4..and fried mee at 5 for dinner at her house.. kinda glad this is blurrish..XD

sigh..can't see clearly..ze tummy.

first day of break after the exam.
woke up at 'bout 11..
went to watch eclipse alone.
right after eclipse ended, boss called up to start work earlier.
work was hectic.
it's the first time that im rushing to get things done on time.
but it was worth it.
im glad.
but i was so tired and i couldn't open my eye when i drove there, i wanted to call the date off..
or not turn up without saying anything.
but i was never one who would break off all of a sudden.
promises, promises. always kept.
however..when i saw made me annoyed. irritated..somehow.
i don't like to force people.
i don't like others to feel they're being pressured either..
i wanted to leave when he was looking so tired and sleepy..
felt as though i've made him this way..
surprisingly, nothing unpleasant happened..
it was th…

revision?..or snooze...........

[ yeah! we goin penang on 30-31/7] - { ivan g-man, desi, john w, hsin, yan, moi, dila, hashz, jian yao, chee ming? yin yep?} whooooooooooppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...!!

was in old town kopitiam just now..
finally finished the research on Organization Management..
can rest easy...^-^
[did some catching up with a chat-mate whom i've never met but known for nearly 3 years? 4 years?..kai jun.. now doing electric engineering in UTHM..]
when i paid for the bill to leave OTkopitiam, only did i bump into ken seng and eric..= = ||but i don't'tis just a coincidence.. baggin on Spain for World Cup..=D

-peace out-


today's lunch @ San Francisco Steak House..> dish : As Big As Arm Hotdog elmo and ee von's dish: Fish n Chips


half squashed by elmo..

lu's awful bored.
she's supposed to be studying and revising.
but she's just not into it.
UGH! where's the inspiration??!!
it lasted 5 mins ago.
first friend : Joan C.
first enemy : forgot. don't have one?
first rival : Sophia L., cuz she's smart, that was when i was 5.
first hug : mr. Butinsky.
first love : mr. Butinsky.
first kiss : actually, it's none.
first heartbreaker : mr. Butinsky....
mr. Butinsky is a chax bear.

HA HA!anyways..boredom's wearing thin.
time for NUMBERS again..T_T

back back back...

couldn't take the whole bod..

.....looks weird on the bottom part's darrk...
so..can't see clearly..XD

urm..yeah..first time shopping in parade..=.=||
with mel again..
mel came back on friday..
troubled love issue..haha..
went to e-box in the middle of the night...=.=||
and i worked all day at saturday..feeling really sleepy, sick plus a headache..
came home with a Mel waiting for go shopping..=\
fine...humour her a lil' while then..
so shopping with a terrible headache.
came home to catch Argentina being slaughtered by Germany...0-4..
and bed..sunday to the market....and to humor Mel..
went shopping again..=\
haih...i seriously loathe shopping.
it's walkin aimlessly around looking for something which u're not even sure what it is..
only a figure..a pattern..a style..
i ended up looking at t-shirts instead..XD
heh heh..
i'll bet foong yan and hsin yee's gonna faint when…