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first photo after putting on braces..with michelle..

metal black, rose metal

s.e. ELM


it's been two years( not long enough)..that i'm changing my phone to a new one..
my first SONY ERICSSON..
using my money..first phone using own $$....
sad and happy at the same time..sigh..
but i'm sooo gonna make this last..
it's a sony ericsson ELM, which is eco-friendly..
most of the plastic of the phone is recycled plastic..
specs includes, wi-fi, 3G and GPS..
camera's 5.0 mp..
pretty much lists the "most-wanted" specs in a phone that i would like to have..
hapi hapi...
what's been goin on lately?
desi's been checkin out 'bout the penang trip..
meaning that we'll be staying at p.p. island...=)
reasonable budget for 3 days..ahhhhh..
'tis time for prep and assignments..toodles..
-peace out-

..the vineyard

elmo, lu, mabe...mabe..lookin soo out of her system..

it's so random..
the vineyard?? what's it got to do with anything?...
ah's what that popped into me head..
the vineyard's like of rows of grapes...waiting to be made into wine..
it's kinda like my salary..
bit by bit..and i got me first cheque..double,triple what i usually earned..
ah well...most of it'll be going to the savings..
=).. i come.....=D
..but i can't eat nice foods...for like...2 years.....
now i'm appreciating food.
and that i've teeth.'t fathom the feeling of being hungry all the time..
i get tired of eating these days..because it takes so long to finish one meal...
and i'd rather starve..which isn't good for digestion...>.<..
Dewy's going to Redang this thursday til nice..
wished i could go too..wrong timing..sigh...
work work work..
am glad that carmenpatra's joining next month...^-^
i'll ha…


my kid chee ying

chee ying's lil' bro..kai yong

yin yep

lu, martin and michelle

today's an odd day..
minus the fact that i slept really badly again.
thinking 'bout Dewy..
i'm so lost.
it's the first time that i've seen Dewy after a long at the hospital.
and he's looking great. freakishly tall.
he's awfully patient though..the fact that i'm not a bother at all.
i demand honesty and direct answers.
he gives them (finally the first person!).........unlike some people..
that's what i like most 'bout Dewy.
no pretense. just straightforward and understanding as hell.
probably because he's older than moi?..=)
Dewy's getting busier as usual.
no pressure.
but well..there's always gonna be a place for me in his time, anytime of the day.
'tis a fact. considering that we've been on the phone for over an hour just now..phew.
broke the record.
so, we're going steady.
just nice. ^-^
Dewy's the best.
i'm …

...again? Dewy?

i don't want to let go Dewy just like that..
haven't even started.
it's been only a week.
but the progress is like a whirlwind.
it's all so confusing.
do i genuinely want Dewy?
im losing it.
couldn't even sleep last night.
tossing and turning. in addition with a headache.
woke up this morning, Dewy texted last night and i hadn't realized.
apparently, he tried to make me fall asleep by telling me to count the stars and relax. =.=||
nice one.
it's too much.
and i'm too free this week.
now, i can't wait for work to start. get back to normal.
i get what Dewy meant by being single and fully utilizing the time given won't make you think of the pain and betrayal feeling.
no matter how many times i "SMOKE" Dewy, he doesn't seem to get tired of it.
said that he likes it.
i wonder though.
really nice or just as it is?
what's the future like?
Dewy or money?
till then.

..last day of "freedom"..

is it really?
i did enjoy today immensely.. though i wished that carmenpatra and vivijoined us.
it was just me, elmo,maband nettie.
fun, fun, fun.
and rain came when we finished foolin' round with the photos..
but klev hated the rain.
since he texted outta the blue saying stupid rain.
that's how we knew it was raining.
i did wonder if he'd decided not to go for the movie last minute.
glad that he didn't. he decided to drive me since it's raining.
nice. movie's awesome. moved to the middle seats halfway through the movie. ahhh...the a-team.
i liked the beginning more than the ending. but dayaam.. 'tis real cool. after the movie..we were real tired. so..let the music speak for the silence. 'til Silbermond's Symphonie came up. <3> my all time favourite german band and song....*o* *o* *o* haha..finally found someone other than me listens to german. XD ...teaching tomorrow.
and starting on managing finance assignment. phew..
a movie a night.
quite enough.


fuei fuei

klev on the right

foong yan


desmond and hsin yee

john wong

'tis the happy week..=)..i hope..^o^..
since yesterday..lunch and hanging out with klev and his fish fetishness..
haven't done something like this for a long time..
last time i did it, was with nette? 'cept that i don't have to drive this time and ask anyone out..^-^
seriously, i've finally found someone who can read directions well to get to me house..=.=
first time, no jusco on's parade instead..and walkin' round..then the aquariums.
klev seems to know alot 'bout marine fishes, habitat..etc..O.o
this is an easy-going mate..don't mind the age difference.. back home..did some catching up with fuei..hapi-go-lucky fella..
kinda awkward when he brought up sandra..aiks...
i'm feeling bad that it happened when it did..not to say i was right,but..sandra does match with kok loong..
though when it happened right under his sucks..
i'll always remember the KL trip…

music! MUSIK! musica!!

it's the first time i've worked so long in one week....

mon: 11am - 12.30pm = class at college
12.30 - 4pm = work which is, guide the kids in their scales and boss's kid's cello practice with piano accompaniment.

tue: 9 - 11am = class at college
12.30 - 4.00pm = work: guide the kids in their exam piano pieces and scales and practice with boss kid's cello exam, piano accompaniment.
4.00 - 9.30pm = work: admin work.

wed: 9 - 11am= class at college
12.30 - 5pm = work: guide again and aural and practice for this Fri's ABRSM exam as the accompanist.
5.30 - 6.30pm = replacement class for student.

thurs: 11am - 12pm = piano lesson for M.
12ish - 4pm= final day for guiding those kids and practice with the boss's kid.
4pm - 5pm = boss's second kid's replacement class. 5pm - 9pm = admin work

fri:10am - 10.3oam = ABRSM EXAM
10.30am - 4pm = class @ college
4.30pm - 5.30pm = replacement for piano lesson

sat: 10am-5.00pm = work: piano and mu…


the only two in flip-flops..

lou e song

tine, lou e song

tine, lou, fionie e jia xin

'tis just a temporary farewell for tine..
ah least she's having fun at where she's at..=)

i wonder how people can be so relaxed when they've some serious issues that needs to be taken care of immediately..
since there's only 5 days left till the exam and that it takes two weeks or two months for the delivery to get here, i say it's impossible to get the books on time..
we'll just have to depend on the local resources..
but many cello teachers do we know?
none. 'cept for the one who screwed us up..shit.
haha! why should i worry,right? since it's not really my concern.
but no, i had to be so helpful and end up calling all the major music stores in m'sia..
and it's the same result..=.=||
mC chong says..u can only help until a certain extend, STOP.
that's when i stopped.
after a sleepless night and a continuous headache..

beepety. u are goin down. ME

how do you picture this..
WHOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO..he's coming back!!..=)
but yeah..fat chance of hangin out..
damn, i thought those dreams were done..but last night, they came back..
this's talk talk talk..'bout what?..haha..i've forgotten now..
but it never goes further than talk..=D..thank god..=.=||
ah hell..whatever it is..
have fun back home..
i gots to get a new maxis number d..or maybe not..
too confusing..
friggin' lecturer haven't give me my neonode II..>.<>.<
and i've a new student of me own..^o^
recently..fat lou's been having dental's time for braces...T_T
then, since tine left for malacca..i've been goin out with klev..
dinner and movie..oh, and Robin Hood wasn't a big disappointment after all..
cousie Mel came back too...^o^..
will be plannin on holidaying with her this hols...=)
school's becoming like a tuition centre..
how so?..i've been heading home everyday after class..