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g3 reunion..tine lu tan

lu mab carmen und sara

tine tan und lu

lu und kelv
it's like just those good ol' times..
'cept that there's 2 pips missing...jiun and von
there's a difference with these 2 groups of pips..
it's fun and easy-goin with rutherford and company...
it's fun and careful convo with g3..
after hanging out with these 2 groups on the same day..
it's a completely different channels..
meet the eastern and western..
celebrated tine's burfday for the first time...together..and clubbin as well..and allowing 'em to dress me up..
im dreamin again...outta the blue..there goesjian again...=.=|||
what the comment..
and im teaching meself to cook..
jacques coming back..
mi mancherai...


it's in the sky.
in your eyes.
in my eyes.
i like the way when you smile
dazzles me with stars..
it's like something that makes me want keep you smiling at me forever..
wanna keep you with me forever..
i love you..
it's so hard to say out loud..
but when i have the guts..i will...'s finally here..
not a myth..not an illusion..
it's crystal clear..
no more conundrums..
i could smile all day long.....

pride..losing it..

is it something to be proud of?
sigh...i can forgive easily..
but to make peace after an "ugly" tirade..for a long long time...seems so easy..and yet very unwilling to do so...
i guess it's not my nature to be in hatred or full of vengeance..
must be a test to see how long i can last in this little "cold war"..
i've already forgiven the fault that is on both sides..
but i can't drop my pride and make the first move even if i didn't threaten to hurt that dope..
i've already done it once, and it hurts so bad that i made myself forgive and let go..'s not even close to what happened..and yet it's more difficult to let go...
this is a small matter..unlike the last..
need an advice..
when i said that i don't care anymore and don't want to know..
guess i don't really mean it after all..
i'm really an idiot..urggh..
i'm losing it..what's done is done..
when the leaves fall, i dream of that call.. seeing …

spags spags spags

odd lookin meatballs..
i've got this fetish for onions and tomatoes...
like to cook evythin with onions..

tomorrow onwards..
i've gotta prepare for exams.
one. the EOM for biz maths.
two. the accompanist for cello exam.
three. find a 2nd job.
four. start practising sight-reading and classical pieces again.
five. get me arse up to exercise.
six. finish up JH and KY ASAP. don't need more distraction.
seven. find mel mel durin weekends.
eight. kick nut evyday.
nine. prepare for the BIIIIG DAY.
ten. don't kill meself for tryin too hard.


for the next two weeks. it's break.
and hell..i really really need another job.
even if an accompanist gets RM 30 and above for half an hour..
still..i have a baaad feelin that i'd be cheated from me boss..
haizzz.. zis sux baad..merde.
wanna help pay for the car petrol.
wanna help pay for some of mam's monthly bills.
lift off some burden.
need mo…


'tis not the way i wanted to get up on a sunday morning..
i wished i had parents who have a good relationship..
it's killin me everyday..
what am i goin to do?.
if i retaliate, i won't have a home anymore.
cuz my mam's walking out.
which leaves me and my lil' bro.
my lil' bro won't be a concern for me much since he's in the other "team".
all i know is that, where i'm goin to stay.
work isn't a big deal at the mo.
$$ is a major concern.
here i thought that things weren't as damaged as i thought it was..
apparently i was wrong.
mam came into my room and started stressing and complaining over things that's happened in the shop and the treatment given by the staff and her husband..
what's the future goin to be.
where she's going.
what she'll be doing.
she said that she's raised me until i can work now. so it's time to leave.
i wished pa could see what he's done to her.
i wished he'd appreciate the person as she is and …