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so, that's it?

..what the-?
so, talking again for like just one week, and nearly 4 months ago was like telling me to get lost in your life?
and here i thought that, hey, at least we're still friends.
even as friends, i'm a lamp post?...
you think that sharing the experience i had with you you had with another is a pity for me?
what kind of person am i that i get tossed around and then ......
oh jeez..
you know, least you could do is just tell me straight.
" after knowing that you have had a thing for me for so long, and now i'm telling you to drop it.
it's best that we don't even be friends anymore. don't talk to me or even try to contact me."
this blow is alot better than the i'm-going-to-help-you-forget-me shit. don't pretend.
it's lowest form of lying to me.
i'm so mad and weird for you till you have to do this?..
ignore ignore ignore.
so, that's it?
just ignore.
even on the streets, ignore?
i must really be so repugnant for you to despise …


it's boring..
from english to chinese to indon to korean to japanese to italian to russian to french to spanish to german to thai and now..i'm back to italian..

at least i found a new one in korean and a few new ones in italian..

yeah..they're songs.
i don't care 'bout the language.
i care 'bout the tunes and meanings..*o*
yes, i do understand some of it.
i'm not completely a dope.
but ha!...
it's friggin' awesome when u can actually speak it!..
i'm tryin to get the hang of italian..
i'm good with korean so far..yeah. i can curse and carry a convo..
and know almost no japs.
and only a few in russian, french, romanian, german and spanish..
i gotta say...russian and german..there's a lil' similarity in pronounciation..
so's portueguese, italian and espanyol..
hell..i'd love to learn all in advance!..
and not bits of it..feel like a handicap..>.<

i like Sonohra, Broken Heart College, Jacopo Ratini, Jacopo Sarno so…


Image's been restless nights since last week...
it's also the first time i've dreamt of ed and jill..
with other people invovled...
we were all at the pool..
guess i've been wantin to go swimmin for some time..XD
in this dream..ed and jill were in a platonic relationship..odd.
must be the way it seems in reality..
and ed's been real nice and close through it all..and all of us ended up deciding to go where next..
..and i forgot..
but it's the first time..
first part of the exam on thurs..
and i'm stilll waiitng..
love ya, boobies..

hsin came to m'place to snoonze and lunch..watched dear john..
which i've come to realise that it's awfully boring..
lily came back..and we're hangin out..
things changed..but some things are still the same.

~peace out~


...waiting and waiting..
u're still not back yet..
can't wait..
really really really really missed you alot..
even when you're here i missed you..
now u're not..i missed you even so much more...
even if we don't have much to talk about..
even short convos..
it's harpi for me.. :D
blurry furry ball..
i lub ya alot..=)

-it's easy to talk to you
-talk to you 'bout anything at all regardless of our gender
-you give the best advices in the world (even tho they're dumb sometimes)
-not blur when u fink u are..=.=
-one big bear
-always around in the corner somewhere
-nicest grin that makes my lil' heart flutter

can't wait..
but then..when the wait it's over...
i dunno what to say.
as usual.
life's a big o' puzzle for moi now...

-peace- miss you

have a lil' hope and faith. tomorrow, april 21 2009.

Domani 21 Aprile 2009 Artisti Uniti per l'Abruzzo. (United Artists for Abruzzo) for the earthquake victims.translated...a lil' mistakes here and there..Between the clouds and dreams of all the stones pass
passes the sun every day without delay. Where will I be tomorrow?
Where will I be?
Between the clouds and the sea there is a post
a rag of a star placed there to console the infinite path, the mistral.Day by Day,
Hold me, shine on me.
Shine on me.
Day by day, save me, shine on me
But tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, I know
I know that you pass the border.
And again life seems made for you and starts tomorrow.
Tomorrow is already here.

Take a rap sheet in the stack hidden and couldn’t write it because the quake shook it,
Each life saved, every stone hills, reminds us tomorrow but you can only do so today.

Life and life becomes so great and begins tomorrow,
Between the clouds and the sea can do and redo With a li…

gOod LuCk my fRieNd

my latest favourite.....
short english translation..could have alot of mistakes..XD

i have wasted time here
who can defend us?
we will be the wind, do not stop us
help, my friend
you cannot go out alone anymore
we write the dreams, that will set us free deep within

where i can think ( i miss you)
i will look out for you from this moment
i will wait for you (don't cry)
i will love you alway

never lose the love that we have
the strength that you never had
the love of ours
good luck my friend,
good luck my friend.

..and i leave an alibi
i will not surrender
we are the wind, you can't stop us...

original lyrics. gOod luCk mY friEnd by Sonohra.

Ho perso tempo qui
Chi può difenderci
Saremo il vento, non fermateci
Hey friend aiutati
Non puoi più spegnerti
Scriviamo i sogni, partiamo liberi

Vi penserò (mi mancherai)
Vi cercherò da ora
Vi aspetterò (mi piangerai)
Ti amerò ancora

Non perdere mai l'amore che sei
La forza che non hai mai avuto, mai
L'amore di noi…

it's depressing....

friends..or not.. dayaam..for once,can't i just not have problems with "friends".. it's really depressing.. but cass said don't regret with the decision i made... i really really can never learn, can't i?.. being a lapdog, not once, but three times.. i really hate being used.. and cass said i'm a "yes" woman.. i guess i am..but i do have limits..but i hardly ever say no... hrrrum..there's something wrong with the picture here........ i hate broken friendships. and now. i've got another one. the same one. with nee. oh wait, she's not my friend anymore. thanks to her being bought by her something someone. --------------------------------------------------------- got my results today.. business ethics : B business law 1 : B+ negotiation skills 1 : A- human resource management : A and in this new semester.. there's two classes that i'm the only girl.. it's really SIIIIICKEEeenIINnng.... i really wished i'd join hsin yee and weng yan in the pre…