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day out as the chauffeur/ tour guide...

walk, walk, walk...
the english - alan and scarlett gray, alan jones and moi...

ebox again..

mad as hatter...

there goes my monday...yesterday..XD


had an incident lately with the car again...not accident...
ah not that reckless..but it's injustice..

"im in the right lane, you're not.

you get pissed cuz i went first.

you honked and honked till i got my parking and slammed my window with your palm like a gorrilla
beatin its chest.

got down from your car and yelled like a banshee.

tellin me how to drive and how your kids banged their heads.

lady, u're wrong when u are at a dangerous situation, like my blind spot.

and you're not even in the right lane,

so get off me face and don't go making a scene,

cuz it makes you look ugly.

ever heard of wearin seat belts at the back? it's the law.

you say i'm dangerous in driving? so are you.

but thanx for the compliment anyway." right or wrong for shoutin back her?..hurrm..since she began the tirade with her's tit for tat...
hrrruumm..can't stand those people who flaunt that they're rich and stuck up like her.......


say what?

say what you want i'm not the one say what you need i don't greed say what you feel i won't heal say what you think i won't blink say what you want to say we're not gonna stay anyway.. -dead and gone-

what's doing?

there's no such thing as forever..
you just don't live forever..
living each day as it is..
not really knowing what's gonna happen to you in the next few seconds or hours...
it's awfully unpredictable sometimes..
how can you even know whether you'll win, lose, or die....
true, i believe everything should be in order..
but then doesn't always happen that way, does it?..
one minute it's a yes,
next minute it's a "um, i'm sorry......"
stood up. whether it's a date or a promise.
fat lou's goin on a trip.
one helluva trip for the next 4 months..deep in the wonderland of knowledge...again.
mad. 4 subjects?..
for others, its 6. if i hadn't failed maths..i'm only taking 3...
sigh..maths, business environment, managing finance and organisation management...

career : still undecided
a little word can make you smile
a little surprise makes you happy
a little smile makes you ecstatic
a little hug makes you cherished
a little love makes you wanted
a little joy makes your day..

what more can i want?..


.......hate waiting..
because everytime i wait..
what i want in the end mostly disappoints me..
..and i'm still impatient...

-peace out-

forget it. lose it. not worth it.

i tasted love when it was once so sweet, and all of it was lost on me, sugar on my tongue, it was bliss.. i kept falling over, i kept looking backward, i was shattered believing in you, that the simplest gesture was actually a great farce.. i wasted love for you, traded out for something new, well, it's hard to change to way you were when together 'cos in the end, the words won't matter, in the end, nothing stays the same, and in the dreams i had, just scatter and fall like rain.................
moved on..
yea..moved on..
it's awesome at first, nothing at all but time..
i was surprised that i could moved on so easily after the talk..
like that day itself..
then came a distraction..
yea..and another..
it lasted for......2 months ?...
and it all came back after meeting-...

it isn't just all that, is there?..
it's always the same tingling of hope..and i thought it was gone..
i'm still numb.
it's the confusion.
if ever given the chance, i wished i've not knownBhaer..
never met B…

pAnC@keSs daaYyyy

from badminton in stadium> to pancakes at home >to cinema >to e-box >to home..
there goes one of the days in this 2 week break.. bein very lame..had to post this to prove..XD..
i finally made edible pancakes and got a tester..XD..
ngek ngek ngek..

yan tryin the first one..~~

all in..8.. lu ate 5...yan ate 3..=.=

cleanin the dishes..

~~~peace out..=D
grrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeat...i found an ickin replica of jian bear..
friggin' wunnerful..
but thanks be he ain't the broodin typo..
am gettin into the drama-mvs frenzy..
but am waitin for dear john to be released in dvd..
and also wonderin whether the weather can any friggin hotter..
maths everyday..soon i'll be turn into a bat..
life's just gettin more complicated with the word " SURVIVAL"
yeah, ever thought of what you'll do when u're not in the security of you parents?
..i have..tons of time before..since 12.
livin in the constant fear of not knowin what's gonna happen next when and if something bad happened..ya need backup planning..
imma one paranoid person..
but now..survival. it's more like, ya need this and that to live. ya can't count on yer parents anymore.. for me, it's good practice to live on what i've worked for without me parents worryin.. after all, i don't get pocket $$..=.=..
and ya'll ask me why i don'…


how many days have passed..
and i've been waiting for a change?..
trying to be inspired by get my life thru?
it's been a while..
but finally..i've had the change.
by something someone whom i've just met made me look at things in a different way..
i've never extended my field of expertise..fear.
but it's so light-hearted and joyous..the way something someone did..
i've tried it..but not in front of him of course..
after i've gone home..
it sounded much more fullness..the my fingertips..
tho i would very much like to get to know more..
something someone..haha..jonn, of course..
jonn's amazin..simply amazing..
~~peace out

4th day of night..

morning - lu's place to the garden

noon - lunch at de vine(not that good food)
after lunch - tine's place
- tan's place
- ee von's place
evenin - T.O.S
night - e-box

lu'sthe garden

de vine

at tine's... at tan's


CNY eve in kbox..and kizuna

..mel drove us around..
picked up nette and met up with tristan at kizuna..
tris's leaving for
farewell day for him..
had a big room for 4 in kbox tho..and we dinna book..
not into karaoke singing..till we had no idea what to do..we sing..XD

tris singin evy line of gorillaz without lyrics on the scren...*O*..awesome..

linkin park time~!!..


nette and tris