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watched Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief with Amanda today..her treat..
bumped into nut..told me he's leavin this evening..
KO'd after finishing half of HRM..
took a nap..had a dream 'bout him again..=.=
'cept the scene's different..last time was the house..
this time is a restaurant..
whole family's's outta the pic
but his whole family's there..again..his father with the usual 'look'..evytime when he sees us together...
last time was tyin the knot..
this time's parting..
a real touchin moment..but then jellyfish turned up outta the blue and i woke up..=.=
but wonder what it all means..
maybe it's guilt for not sayin goodbye properly? for the second time?..
..scary..not seeing him again.
he's gone today reality..
and i'll miss him again..
haven't exactly seen him all CNY..too much to do..
well..take care..
~peace out

night before CNY eve..

mel came back..hung out with Mel..Tine,Jiun and elmo..


......i'm bummed out..
how'd this happen??!!...
first...callin a first year kid whom i just selected to be a student council member for ed's number when he's in class....
then...askin ms.lim from the admin. dept. for ed's full name.....
next...postin the whole thing up in fb... speechless.....u call this hot gossip??..aiks........scary...
whatever..i'll let u draw the cards first..'ll die down...
just a freshman..=.=...
bumped into mC. chOng today..still looks the same..thank god...
worried me sick..
gonna visit her with the old gang this week...^o^..
beep beep..
vegetarian again...T_T....

lovesick calf..

ooo...friggin' hoooot..XD.. imma one lovesick dolt..T_T... friggin' seexxaayy..>.< and i wanna forget...T_T lu's in the lovesick mode..... seein him evyday..not talkin'..jx greeting.... imma gettin obsessed?... T_T...wanna forgettt...edi leavin..>.< sooooo...lovesick....

camwhore 20th burfday..m~

M~s burfday..=)

boiling radish rage and sweet honey spices

sweet honey spices
took this two kids out for a ride and concert treat on sun..Yoga Lin, Juwita Suwito, City Ballet, John's church and St.?? Church gospel and Sam Tet's school band performances..

lu's victims of best mates in class..XD..anytime anywhere..
yellow john and bifrons soup..

dusit a.k.a cit cit.. came back to see and carmenpatra..

imiature "jo kwon"..wif Senses

tengok pa? mini gangsta...babbbyy..XD

it's winter..and it's spring... from the cold to the cool... i'd like that.. if wishes were horses..beggars would ride too.. it's a month to be forgotten.. best friends today and enemies tomorrow.. isn't that how the cycle works?.. mm.. sweet...and bitter..
not to say that who u side with is the one who's controlling u all the time..
but i think he bought u..just as he bought ur love..
i'm bitter now..
i thought there's more to love than this..
thoughts wandering..
all the things i've done which is out of my leagu…