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sorry won't cure.

i'm sorry i slapped u, cuz i didn't mean to.
but i really really wished that u'd be nicer.
i got used to ur "jokes" till the fact that i'm numb.
but i haven't been around u much lately that i'm no longer numb.
being cut off again isn't a good emo.
try living under my roof for 10 years and you'll know why i'm pissed.
it's the last straw. especially when you know you have your parents at ur back at things.
i don't.
cuz they're not going to be together soon.
it's not easy goin thru all these odd comments when back home it's like world war 3 everyday.
the only escape i have is around friends.
oh yeah..i'm all smiley and bubbly outside talkin 'bout who's new and who's hot, but i'm really tired..
trying to bring peace is not easy..when there's too much pain inflicted in here for so long..
but even then. it's not much of a distraction, is it?
cuz u just had to bring up the past again.
i'm sorry.
and i'm no…

being stupid again..

pre-game show rehearsal.. seev's "pengacau"
lu, seev

jia xin, lu

macho kAmaL

sandra, michi, lu

sandra, lu, michi, yan


of all words..
what happened to...oh, i what's up???
i must be total freak now..
i can't....(whine)
the damage's already done..

odd tho..he dinna look surprised..haha..
good sign? hope so..
whatever...i'm not hitting on anyone...NO...opsoyo...

but me and sas gettin real cosy today..
haha..arms around each other and holdin hands,eh?..
hope he'll get employed soon...XD

gotta say tho..from US?...hmmm...arghh...cut it out..
~ peace out's getting mad..insomnia

MQA interview...Student Council (jamesjohn/DB, ivan, john w, ryan S and lu) ze gov's not that intimidating after all...phew..
hsin in mode (blurry)

nice look..ken seng..with john's cap and yan's glasses

john...with my shades..

kampou chin yong with my phone...=_=

bobby and tommy
body physically...
it's getting worse....since monday.
i thought i was fine..
but now i'm NOT.
head won't clear..
eyes won't open..
throat's going nowhere..
and i can't sleep properly..
ears getting popped..
i need..
i need..
gotta stop this obsession and guiltiness..ahhhhh....sowie jacques...
..................................................... is important...i know..
and i don't know what to do 'bout HRM...matilaaaaaaaaah...
bad bad bad seev..arrrrrrrrrggghh..
back to books.
~ peace out(early mornin)
(stupiak bear)

-------------------------------------------------------------------- it's not a good thing..i'm suppose to be attentive in classes...wh…

woozy wedy..

candid photos....

after work...tired out...

me n jiun

ee von...


lu, jiun..tine..

9 glasses...

heart-heart-heart-heart-heartbreaker.. i've decided to enjoy teaching this new kid..who's 16... Yiruma..BOF..Canon in D(C)..Love Story... quite a list...>.<""...and lots of composition writing to do..haih.... if i could just put my memory into her head or teach her the ability to play by easy..XD.. tmr's a long day..aiks..... talk about love life.. well..i'd rather say that i'm sorry for those who've lost their children at the dragon boat's truly a disaster and a huge loss for the Chung Ling High School.. tornado water??..dangerous..>.<"".. ~peace out

i missed..?

it's a relief.. waited for's here.. yeah..started talking again.. but it's like a breath of new air.. i'm still awake.. i like i love i adore i'm in bliss. as hard head as i am.. i don't feel the burden anymore.. i really am glad he took the first step..and glad to hear he's fine (why wouldn'y he be? unless he's been in brawls) haha.. i'd be lying if i said i didn't wanna see him again.. (and nut..get yer nose outta this..or i'm gonna gut u..=P..and u got a date on this wed..XD) i guess trying to forget him paid off on my results for last sem and the sem b4..doin it again.. got 2As and a B-.. vv surprised..what with all the could bes and maybes..i ended up getting A for Financial Accounting and Managing Info Resources..didn't get much sleep for Marketing In Practice..ended up with a B-.. goin for lunch with jiun today.. funny, song said the same thing as rocky did.. take care of her for me.. i think i should just apply for bodyguard job.. well now…


even Ivan's got a to-do list... amaziiiiing..first time seeing a guy with a to-do college.. awesome!..haha..

ivan and his to-do list..

kampou's last day in college..T_T..byebye songbeh.. lunch with hsin yee and yan today at veggie restaurant.. talked alot 'bout facial stuff, future, why we all can't go KL after f5..etc.. until they said that why am i studying business when it's not my field at all i'm not the business type.. aiks...true..i'm not at all.. and they wondered why i didn't pursue music.. well..i guess it's a poor excuse to say that $$ is the main problem..since i coulda entered competitions,right?.. lacking confidence in myself and always think that alot of people are better than me.. why go?..or.....i just still don't know what i life. open a music centre and teach there?.. ............... peace out~

i'm tired of waiting..

this song is stuck in me head at the mo..=_=..friggin' explains how i'm goin thru..

tired of waiting - 2pm

Getting tired while waiting… (U know?)
Gotten tired while waiting and~
U Know, do you know how I feel?
Gotten tired while waiting~
Do you still remember me? (Oh~ no)
Even if a day goes by, I'll still remember you
Even if a month goes by, I still won't let you go
Can you understand my desires for you? (oh~no)
Going insane while waiting
and each day feels like a year.
Oh~ I, I I I~ was waiting and while I was waiting,( yeah~)
It felt as if you would come back
or if I look back I would see your face

Oh~ I I I I~ am going insane, going insane (yeah~)
I am holding back just in case you come back, (oh yeah~ )
I am still waiting (oh yea~)
Even if a month goes by, I'll still remember you.
Even if a year goes by, I still won't let you go
Can you understand my desires for you? (oh~no)
Going insane while waiting
and each day feels like a year.
Oh~ I, I I I~ was waiting and while I was wait…


had a dream last odd one and woke up with a longing feeling..
that made me really miserable and agitated all day..
i really tried to let go..
really really tried everything..why can't i?..
if anyone says forget your first love by seeing other people or making more friends..
it's a lie..cuz it's not helping..
oh yeah..i did put my mind at alot of things and got real bz with it that i forgot 'bout all the memories that i wanted to forget..
but seeing something from the past just triggered everything back..
is it because i haven't gotten a proper answer? make me really let go?..
i'm still hanging's been 3 years,dang..
i said i'm letting go or i've already moved on..or i'm moving on..
what am i doin..
guess taking an extra subject isn't a bad idea after all..keep my mind off this whole thing..
after being ignored for half a year or so..i'm still the same..
how to change?..asking me to change..that easy?
impatient. yeah.
act things…

after the night market in 1st garden..=_=||

hapi hapi..whooohooo..
we the sane


tine: oi! look at me..u two! (songg! jiuunn!)
song: (slurp slurp) jiun: (nyum nyam)

cheers..i'm tired..

song : i'm talking to u (listen to me!!) jiun: what's that on your head? (la di da, whatever)

jiun: i'm listening, now i'm talkin to u!!! (OI!) song: (slurp slurp) uh-huh..yeayea..(whatever)

song: whatever..hahahahahaa
jiun: whatever..hahahhahaha

the same ol' couple as 2 years ago..
i drove to tine's house..waited for song there for like 45mins...=_=..again.. then song drove us to jiun's us to the pm in one piece..finally..nice driving..XD eating and walking along the way till evyone decided it's time to sit down to eat.. that's when all the fun
hmmm..b4 that..went to pc fair with tiki.. apparently saw some people workin there as part time whom i didn't wish to see at all.. kon yong..=_=..i know..i heard..(your friend)..with the typical same indica…

first day of class '

(violinist prodigy)

slept at 2 something in the morning today..
shouldn't have done that..>.<"
friggin' sleepy in class today..
business law
i people tend to talk alot 'bout experiences and their early age when they're old?
just that..i wished that he'd cut short abit on that and gimme some knowledge based on the subject..a good thing i suppose, to keep us interested?..
i'm not..
seriously nearly fell asleep in those stories..which is not 'bout law..=_=
human resource management..with the Marketing, IT and Accounting students..the more the merrier..
mr. siva again..hmm..not surprised with the usual welcome back lecture..
and this time...i really dozed off during one of the speeches..=_= least there's the selecting and recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal, etc. words in my head..
hope he didn't catch me..T_T..
had lunch with tiki..
effing doink in the middle of a crush process..tho…

last christmas's eve

'09 christmas's eve

steamboat wif ze frenz..tine,max. jiun,song. ee von and moi(takin the photo).
at jiun's...