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hapi new 2010..and SONOHRA!!!....

last day of 2oo9..and i'm home now..

ogling over Sonohra and love 'em songs....<3...

it's awesome!!....

they're italians and 20 and the other 24..Diego and Luca Fainello..

this is one of their hit songs..besos faciles or love show ..

i'm not out and i'm in's crazy out there now..streets and everywhr full of people nut...jiun...vince..jack..lily..carmen..not with you guys for the first time..haha.. have a great one this year, pips!...hapi 2010~~ ^0^

Sandra baby's burfday and Christmas!!

Sandra and Sue's burfday bash at k-box

sandra and sue

beloved senior kok long..XD beloved senior kampar..ze boys..
sandra and michi

DB sandra and lu

AFC and jason


ze gals..

good frenz forever..

in KL with cousin Mel..

after sunway lagoon... first lunch in share..amazing apetite

waiting for the train to Sungei Wang

starbucks camwhore..

in Genting..merry-go-round..=_=..friggin' raaainnn..

the end..hehe..

first petting zoo..

10 years of buddies..

ze amazing sink..

everyone came back with a fresh start... exchanging news and all.. some sad..heart broken..shocking.. but now?'s all good.. it's my first time with frenz out in the pics tho..but awesome!..haha especially with nut..bwahahahahahaha