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proposition of possibility in extending the tools mentioned previously in business

wouldn't it be nice if we could just instruct the computer by using vocal? nice would that be without using fingers to type and hand to move the mouse...XD..


talk about depending newspapers advertisements to help your business search for extra hands out there..why not usecrowd sourcing?
in which business? fashion
it's so much easier and faster and convenient when you need an extra talent in designing clothes for your fashion design company.
all you need to do is just post it up in the web, and someone who's in hope of being picked in the field will definitely sign up for that job or many would do so.
it's quite useful and common nowadays for people to crowd source their business, particularly fashion designing.
i'm just saying that fashion designing is one example for business by using crowd sourcing.
among other uses of crowd sourcing examples are businesses for writing articles and animation stories/ designs.

another useful and common tool to use in this …

knowledge from the mobile and web in business

technology is never ending. it keeps getting better and more advance to accommodate every one's satisfaction. it's so vast and it's everywhere. i doubt it's very easy for us to live without technology. imagine going home without a TV or going out without a hand phone, will we be able to adept? XD..
well..i find that web 2.0 certainly has improved as compared to web 1.0. the fact that you can modify and edit a passage is simply convenient when you want to share more or correct someone else's mistakes. this applies wikistoo, as they use web 2.0. mobile technologyis just another technology coming up to be more demanding in the sense of advertising through text messages or going online to advertise products as well as connecting with everyone in a social networks.
i enjoy blogging, so this doesn't come as news to me, but it's refreshing all the same, to know that you can blog business. however,mashupsand crowd sourcing aren't what i'm familiar with, but …

what of mobile technology in business?

Mobile Phones (PDAs) and GPS i've posted earlier in mobile technology.. it includes cellphones with wireless and bluetooth functions where you can retrieve and exchange information. Mobile phones are to contact or text each other and keeping in touch or even give updates about work. it's useful for contacting employees about attending a meeting right away and making appointments or to make reservations for a company function.
As i've also mentioned PDA, iPhone and Blackberry previously, that you can use it to email and communicate online as well as advertising products or services. PDA phones is more like a reminders, daily schedules and memos or a daily planner. It helps create better customer relationship and increase the number of customers.
Mobile phones could act as a tracking device to find the whereabouts of your customer if you need to find them and when you don't know the name of their location by using GPS (Global Positioning System). Not only does it …

mashups and crowd sourcing in business

mashups? isn't like like everything mixed together, like mash potatoes?..well, in this case, it's more of a combination of a data from one or several sources into a single integrated tool.Google Map is a mashup, because it has no oringinal source. Facebook is also another one, where you have all sorts of applications, which aren't originally from facebook itself but of a different source.
however, in the field of business, mashups are used for linking business and data services and by doing so, it offers developers easier access to their data and services. it is better as compared to portals whereby building internal and external portals are faster, convenient and easy to use.
what about crowd sourcing? well, i'm sure you by the word crowd, it's a bunch of people all in one place attracted to something, like a performance, or a promotion, right? sourcing? it's information from anywhere and anyone. eventually, crowd sourcing could be customers or consumers, users …

the fun of blogging in business

blogging. it's quite "in" these days. a blog is like a online-diary or journal which is like, personal.
however, you can blog pretty much about anything and anyone in blog sites, like blogspot, wordpress, zanga and many more by posting images, links and texts.
the fun part about blogging in business is that you can exchange a gazillion ideas and even share them, it could be links, pictures and latest products, or latest edition of books, music, fashion any tons more. this is one strategy of promoting your business and attract customers to visit your blog in a less costly, easier, informative and indirect way. such as promoting chocolates for valentine's day, you post up creative and interesting images of chocolates, and even link them to other blog sites that are related to the business, like, chocolate ingredients.
blogging has a similarity with wikis, that is, customer feedback. Customers can comment on your blog and give their ideas to help improve your business. thi…

wikis in do they work? do you describe them in business?
hmm..wikis are actually writable webs, where anyone can post pretty much anything that they find related to a certain topic. True, they can be edited by another who has latest or more information on that topic, but it's rather convenient, don't you think? You can just go in and add you little piece of information anytime you want or modify others'.

A nice example would be wikipedia, it's a so-called encyclopedia where you have a ton of people who volunteers to write in and create a lot of entries which could create a business environment. Wikipedia has a huge range of information, from history to biography to films synopsis.
Apparently, wikis can act as a business environment for many businesses and firms whereby posting up information about their own businesses, employers and employees alike discussing and giving ideas to improve or solve their company situations, as well as having customers taking part in the company to give …

what about Mobile Technology?

Talk about handphones and texting messages, mobile technology certainly has its benefits and drawbacks. Well, the generation now is more towards about improving and creating more advance gadgets and technology, the latest is about mobile technology and business.
When you have a Blackberry, iPhone or a PDA phone, which has a number similar functions, that is the wireless function, where users can connect to the internet and retrieve information about latest news and advertise their own businesses.
Being online and connected to the network all day does keeps you up-to-date with everything happening not just around you(in your company), but throughout the whole world too. The speed of exchanging information with the advance of mobile technology does tend to keep us anticipate less because we don't have to wait for new through the television or go find a pc to get the news when you're out on the street or in the bus.

web 2.0

After reading the article, I find that it is quite informative and straightforward about its points.I may not have heard of web 2.0 or even web 1.0 until now! But I'm pretty certain that not many would have either, if you exclude the IT guys. It's quite interesting, for someone like me who's not quite into all this IT terms and its functions.
However, I find that web 1.0 is just an interface which can only be read only, which is much agreeable to those who would not want to have their work meddled with, like big corporations. It is a technology development for web 2.0 to emerge, as it's more towards interface which can be read and edited, whereby others can modify your passage if they want to.
Web 2.0 has eventually better values in its interface than web 1.0, because it links to blogs and customer relationship tools as well as social networks. E-bay and are examples for web 2.0 electronic commerce websites as it allows customers to sell their own and buy st…

gossip boy of SYCI..

gossip girl in US..gossip boy in SYCI.. =_=.. Ivan G.R-C.. gets along with pretty much everyone in college..i think..XD including the staff and lecturers..
but honestly.. i wonder what he does with all the news and updates..>.< and no iv, i'm not a christian..and if ya wanna know what's brewing in ppl's lives in college..go ask 'em..indirectly..
i may be good with everyone..doesn't mean it's a good point to ask moi..and yes,i can deny..
as i's classified information until i choose to disclose it..=P but yeah.. amazing..maybe not..that we have a gossip boy in SYCI..XD no offence, iv..
good day..=)

saying it isn't light..when there's a chock full of meaning behind it..crack it.

don't bother coming to this place since it's not welcome to anyone..=_=

yin yep and lu during jian's burfday...
carmen's new haircut..^0^

'tis been a nice change of weekend..

being kicked out of restaurants twice continuously 2 days from the same place..

being insulted again..still sore from the wound..
u'd think i deserve this time tho..=_=
and as usual..i'm gonna be meself.
who cares if i'm boyish?..
who cares if i'm being rogue?...when you know full well you'd deserve what you said...

imma one creature of a forgiving nature..
if not..i'd be one imbecile..and you'd wish you never lay eyes on moi..
well..that's that..

i'm glad nut's back..=)..
Tess too..=)..
childhood friends are always the best,eh? ^0^

assignments are filling up the empty schedule like fire...
workplace is as usual.. but lots of gaps..get alot more free time than during the middle of the year..
and i'm still considering whether i'm up for the job of teaching..a…

been pranked..=_=

as usual..i thought i said the wrong stuff again..and i'm gonna get back to the ignore zone like jian used to put me in.. over a trivial stuff like that.. i dinna get a word from the git til he said don't bug me. oooo..impressive. ok then..i dinna get in his way..since i was busy meself..
fell asleep while studying MIR in the screen and the paper notes.. woke up..and continued..ignored the phone.. until i checked for any text message..aha.. so he said..i was just playing you. t'was only a joke..=_= dayaam.. the thing is, if i hadn't had been in the ignore zone and don't-piss-him-off zone often enough, i woulda take it lightly..
jeez.. can't say i'm not a serious person after sensitive..>.<"" ah hell... at least all things came to a good end.
went home with a light heart and a yearn for the piano. it was 'sentimental' today. watched invincible youth at KBS. interesting. lame. comical. hilarious. mixture of all.
anyways, tomorrow's another…

exam results..

it's been nearly 6 six months that i've awaited.. the results finally came..guess what.. i improved alot.. from no As.. there mayn't be all As..with A-s as well.. it's a big improvement for me..=).. i can't say that i've not worked hard.. cuz i haven't.. just did several last minutes... but..the quite satisfying.. and i did NOT fail..=)
i could fly..=).. today's been an odd day.. a mixture of lethargic and anxiety.. guess it turned out well..=) felt so giddy that i told pretty much everyone.. like..chin yong, michelle, yan, sandra, lily, carmen, francis, seev and joe..
you'd think that one would actually say that i'm mad.'s more or less, that i could skip non-stop..
right, today, half-asleep in class..nearly got caught..XD imma one crazy chickadee today..=D..
hapi hapi hapi.. i miss my nut. and ru, elmo, tine, jiun. most of all, jacqs.

sudden change of heart

awful glad to have friends like Sandra and Kok Long in college..=)
how to say..
even if i tease them like hell 'bout being perrrrfect together..
deep's all platonic..hard to believe sometimes..but yeah..
considerate..awfully nice..and kinda crazy sometimes..
but hey, what more can someone ask in someone who's like a kid sister walking around with two grown ups with teens at hearts?..
imma one lucky bumpkin..
This Is It.
i gotta say college life's fun. much better than in high school.
affectionate and passionate people. =)
that's gonna be one hell of a memory to want to forget.
it's enlightening and refreshing when they see life in a different perspective sometimes..
and i'm glad to have been part of it.
part of the their life.
to have known them.
it's been an experience.

cold feet

got cold feet..
wonder when people'll start realizing that i'm a girl after all..
it's all just because of my ways are boyish and rough..
my fault?.. else to blame anyway..i'm just like that..
the time will come i guess..
but i shall always wonder if a guy will accept the way i am..
the fact that i'm boyish in ways but still a girl at heart..
i'm going through this confusing stage or dilemma now..

if only things were different
my life would be like a film
in which no dilemma exists
and i'll be able to face all this
without breaking down
and frown

me life's gone another level
that i've yet to wonder
what's next..

i miss my nut.