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with Nette..=) fetttttttttish..

with Nette..when she's back from Nottingham..=)....

i'm gonna buy fish!

got it! bubu and bibi

i'm gonna free 'em! lu's house..
aww...aren't they just cute??!!hehehe

what u do when u're in class....?

what do you do when u're in class and there's a teacher up front or not?

zheng yu...niceee finger massage for kok long...



chin yong...tap tap tap..i really really wanna win da lottery..$$
kai lil' student..nice grin..ain't gonna get u less work..

guang zhou.shen zhen. hong kong. summarised in photos

awfully lazy to describe. but. my best. fondest. memory is this.

my personal massager..looks sleepy..poor thing..---------------------------------------------------------- in the airport
somewhere nearing HK

view outside..

sat alone..

the guy who sat in da same row as moi

KFC delivery

belgium chocolate..9 yuan

belgium tea and mocha..

one of the temples in GZ

in the MRT towards Hong Kong

in the busystreet of Causeway Bay

see d SaSa?..XD

fun day in Lost World..XD

Ivan the 'tour guide'

zee and gang

jian yao lookin' blur as usual..

went topless half way..and i left with his top..XD

adrian all satisfied...more like smugged..

abel, yin yep, jian yao and adrian..=.=..=\..@.@..=_= gavin: yo, know big bang??..super junior?..>.<::

wei ching..eunice and carmenpatra

abel adrian gavin and serena deep in convo..-_- DB as usual..trying to convince and pull me leg at the same time. picture taken..
and ze outcome..=).. front: victor, faizal, salsa back: boon keat, lu, DB, seev, eddie

aye..the six goons lookin' after two kids..XD credits to Desmond and Eddie for the photos.