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dead beat. heartache.

why are you doing this? why can't you just let it all out? why don't you just let it go? why are you doing this to yourself and me? can't you see i'm trying to mend it? or rather break it? if you don't want to be within 2 feet of me, say it. i really can't take it any longer. i can't sleep well. i can't eat well. i can't concentrate well. just end this. it's tormenting me. i tried to talk. but you won't give the time of day. what's the point in this ? i thought you were long gone from this little "sulking" or "tantrum".. guess i was wrong. jeez. i keep seeing u in my vision. i'm bogled.


aww....boy's generation...gee...XD....combo of Shinee...Suju...2Am and 2Pm members... 'tis jx sooooooooo cool....and sung!!!....<3....i> and nickhun....>.<::::......

fly away..and back again..

leaving everything bare.. just doesn't seem fair.. it's been awhile..and it's finally out.. i've been in a crazed atmosphere the whole weekend.. jx can't stop saying i'm going mad..i'm going crazy.. hope i didn't shocked Yosh too much..=).. even tho what he said didn't help much.. but today..just now..when Yan came over..i left everythin in the open.. it's not much...but what i've been's gotta be the past..has to be..leave it there.. something reminds me..Jian...he reminds me of me daad.. and that scared me..which is why i'm backing off.. i don't want to go thru a life like that.. being shunned..i mayn't know him that well... but..after all these years of communication.. guess i was too blind..but..friends?..yeah... but no more than that.. picking myself up again.. just another mistake.. thought i'd finally found's jx another phase...i guess.. things are starting to look better at a different angle.. but..i hop…

shot down again.

sometimes i wonder whether i'm sane or not.
i've been counselling ppl myself all this times without knowing i'm doing it.
can't u jx understand me abit?..
and help me?..
i really hate these type of ppl..
yeah..u're great at listening..
but..i really wished u could jx give me some comfort sometimes..
but..i guess u're too busy to even notice me anymore..
what can i say or do?..
i guess i'm not in ur life anymore..
have u ever wonder why do stars blink?
that's because when you see the means u're there..
when there's no means u're gone..
i guess i expect too much from someone like you..
i've always given all i could..
and i had eventually thought i'd get back the same.
guess not.
i don't blame u..
but i wish u'd stop making me feel like i've been a lapdog..
i dunno why..
but i know u're not that type of person..
but thanks for being a friend when u are one...
i still treat u as one..
if u still treat me as one.
i'm alway…

Twilight Saga New Moon..!!!

ahahaha..imma twilight fan..=)
kirsten and robert patz..greaaaaaaaaatt portrayal to da characters..Bella and Edward..

whoooooppppppppppeee............can't wait..again for the movie...!!..

here's za trailer and more...

on screens in nov.20, 2009!!.......ahhh....i've gotta say..they seem to snatch alotta awards for this in mtv movie awards..for the first one...but 2nd one?...who kiss award....XD...cute..