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----------------------------------------- i've gotta's gonna be 10 years friendship and jonathan...cooolll...... thru this years..many has happened...many has not changed..XD.. same ol' same ol'.... never argued...yeeeeettt...XD.. always supportive of each other... ahhhhhhhhhhhh..... first guy friend........not gay..XD...haha.. must be a fate that u crashed my 10th b'day party,eh??...=)... amazing that someone soooo special lives so near me...^0^....lucky to have you...always... ------------------------------ heard that nut got dumped by his gf... honestly..i really don't know what to say to him.. but i can say's a great relief now...probably because i couldn't stand seeing him so stressed over that ungrateful wretched biatch.. after all he's been thru for you...and yet u're saying all this hurtful things back at him just because he's not there??!!...=.=... i've no right to judge nor say all these things bu…

thursday, frust day..

couldn't finish..and it's not 2nd helping too....>.<"" hema enjoying...lemongrass chicken
mab's steak...

Li's the first one to finish..the last dish to come out.. --------------------------------------------- today's gotta be the most tired day..since i didn't rest much yesterday all day..and slept at nearly 4 in the morn..initially rolled into the bed at 1..but jet-lagged.....
instead..i packed the things for the coming trip which is on sat..and arranged me whole room..=.=... disturbed by me mam's loud voice in her room...'round ears can hear..even from an exhausting night..grrrrr.....had to fetch the day maid..and send her to shop..pick up her from shop and bro to home...that's my duty..=.=....after the morning chore..went to coffee bean to get take away...watched 'the wedding'...had kimchi ramyun as well..full breakfast....stuffed.. li called outta the blue and scared the be-jesus outta me...cuz i hadn't thoug…

weird monday mania..^o^''

it's a wonder nothing happened today..tho i was having bad hunches all day long..
it's guilty conscience as well as taking care of myself today..
odd...the first thing i did was to go purchasing origami learn to fold paper cranes...'s gotta be the weirdest side of me? yeah..right,li... i thought i'm the oddest being on earth to most pips..=.=..
ah influences everyone on the table..yeah!...first mabe..and then li?..
HA!..and u said u'll not get influenced by this childish me?..yeah yeah..looks like someone folded a boat eventually..

then came thom..yo,tommy boy..where's ur mama?..=P..

oh yeah..vince dressed formal....LALA LALA..LA LA LA LA... don't get me wrong..SERIOUSLY...u're looking awfully like hottie cutie lil' boy boy in a pajama strips..

and ZEE!!!!!!!!!!!...OMG..WTFH...why'd you shave ur head???!!! beyoootiffull hoooott enriqueeeee is now ..ronaldo of brazil...........T_T...noooooooooooooo....what made…

how do you say happy in 100 different languages?..

sunday's a pretty exciting day..=)
had a fun day with the kids..this particular kid..kinda an odd one..since all the kids liked wearing the clown hat they made themselves..but he tends to think the hat as a basket..XD..naughty too..
had a flat tyre again..=.=..
boss treated lunch..=)...Aberdeeeeeeeen...not Abuden..XD..

anyway..found a nice song..sung by Evan..a former member of click B..
song's called It's Okay To's for those who just broke up..i know it's for a man..but well..
i think the lyrics are awfully truthful enough..^0^...liked the tune..and the song too.*0*


나의 소중한 사람아
아직도 힘드니
오래 전 이별 앞에
아직 아파하고 있니
사랑 참 잔인하지
그 맘 나도 잘 알아
이별은 다 그렇더라
하룰 견디기조차
숨 쉬는 것조차
지금은 모든게 힘겨울테니
My precious friend
Are you still troubled
in the face of your break up
Are you still in pain?
Is love not so cruel
I know your feelings well
All goodbyes feel like that
Dealing with even a day
Even having to breathe
Everything seems to be so difficult

눈물이 나면
마음껏 울어도 괜찮아
남자란 이유로 억지로 참지마
너 지금 이별 앞에서
후회가 많을테지만
새로운 사랑…


1. Besides your lips, where is the favourite spot to get kissed?
Nowhere...until i've been kissed...=P
2. How did you feel when you woke up this morning?
Like i got whacked by a hammer by Jian..
3. Who was the last person/people you took a photo with?
4. Would you consider yourself spoiled?
Not so sure. But I am who I am
5. Will you ever donate blood?
Yeah,why not? it's healthy...
6. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?
Duh..dumb question..who am I?...XD..
7. Do you want someone to be dead?
Want?'re really on cold SOB..either way..NO..hell, no..
8. What does your last text message say?
Ok,deal, i bet with u~ bet mamak nasi badaya, if my marks lower than u, consider i win..k??..
----which he never did ..his marks was higher..arsehole..
9. What are you thinking right now?
That i wanna sleep?
1o. Do you want someone to be with you right now?
50/50..single rocks..but being alone sux..
11. What…

if wishes were horses, beggars would ride...

if wishes were horses, beggars would ride...
but how many times have i done that already?...
i haven't any more faith in this...i wish he'd be the one who'd do it first...
i'm losing my's fading...

this song is somehow drilled into me..telling me that it's time to let go..but i can't..
what can i do?...i've been living the days normally..back to the same routine..when it comes to..time stops..breathe...

this is the pic of jack..just woke up...

yeah..went to his place yesterday..didn't know i woke him up since he said why don't you come over and we'll decide where to there..haven't done anything..but just woke
went to black canyon for lunch anyway...torturing me with tom yum......T_T... after lunch..was thinking of lounging and lazing around in his place..but MC Chong called and said go to her place …

passer-bys and pasar malam with Chris and Seev..

after the exam..went to the library..opened up da lappie..started downloading FFTS vol.7 album..started RC..and blog..and missing vids of WGM..during all these browsing....jack came by..more like breezed thru in front of me..complaining that he lost his lappie..i was like...huh?..
then he answered my blurry look..just kidding,someone's looking after it for me..err..ok..

after jack..Francis came along..sat down next to me..started crapping 'bout what's up and what's down...and left after singing the usual "Little LuLu" tune...

Francis gone..ah Bao came...asking how's da crap i said..skipped a Q..and he left...
ah Bao gone..DB came...lulu,look at my hand...oh yeah..he hurt his left hand..was in bandage..
"played" with dried ice?...err...blurry...but glad that u're ok...left afta asking same Q as ah Bao...

DB gone...Sasi came...aiyoooo....sat there like a statue while i was watching hwanhee "torture" hwayobi..he left..stating tha…

one down..3 to go..

Brian..^0^..Fany Fany<3> what i really meant by one down..3 to the exam burden..3=music accompaniments. today's Intro to biz and Micro Econs were a total flop..i'm seriously hoping that i'll pass Intro to biz..Micro Econs..i have a hunch..i hope i'm right..=)... y'know?...i'm actually opening up to most of the other classmates now..they seem to welcome me too..after nearly a year?..XD..i've been to preoccupied with the accounts, a-levels groupie that i didn't realise that my coursemates are real jokers at times..=.=...i mean..francis,nette,vince and jack are different ..aite aite..the east side crew..yeah's as though they realise i'm not really a "high standard" fella just because i'm always with li and the others..=) feels great...knowing that there're others who will help you when you need help..^0^...especially from the same class..
i'm thinking..if there're any upcoming events..we'd do rea…


some say there's always a chapter in their life which is like a story..
of course..there's emotions and feelings..etc.. isn't just all about work and no enjoyment..
you can't just make money all the time or try to make ends meet without some breathing space..
yes,you have a deadline to meet and yes,it's like life and death or do it or you won't get paid..
sometimes,you have to relax and think through what you're going through and how to make it better..
i must say,you can't keep thinking about others all the time or yourself either..
i'm talking about..
what's more in life than just meeting deadlines and fulfilling duties..
you have only one life and one life only..
your after and before life is another story..
things that you really really want to do,something worthwhile..
time isn't just going to stop for you or wait for you..
there are often times that you have to take the chance when you get it and just go make your dreams
come tru…

blissful sunday~~

Slept 'round 5 this up at 'bout 10..>.<"""...couldn't sleep anymore..the look of the bed looks tempting(above) to rearrange me room abit...(below)
------------------------------------------------- Ahh....the aroma of pizza for breakfast..haha..only ate 'round 11..after the rearrangement of me messy the sun shining thru the windows today..perfect weather..=)..eating and watching
Right...back to the books..=)...I've sworn to Seev that I'd go study after eating and lmao...XD..looking for to the new week..of .....stress?...>o<...ah well...later..=P... good day, ya'll..^0^

Simple Pleasures

Li und Lu
My fav. pic..XD..
Started a day with Alex Chu's collection: Vol. My Vintage Romance..Hearts the album..=)..Went to work..Had Blackforest Espresso and danish buns for the ern's giving me a hard time..and my patience is wearing thin with her..

The rest?..Christine and Thong Sheng went to KL..=.=..taught Nicole instead..and ended up relating the learning experience I had from my piano teacher and comparing them to hers..
Huge difference..XD..

Taught Wei Yee Love Story's piano version..Since I have no idea what to teach her and the Wedding March is a ridiculous idea..learning chords?? it at the moment..
I was kinda ecstatic..probably because I wanted to teach someone to play it..and eventually she flipped her phone out and asked me if I knew this song..haha..I've experimented Jon Schmidt..but not in accuracy..=)..glad to share it with her..^0^..

Was happy that my lil' student liked the tune of the song when I was writing a separat…

Morning-Night of events

Thom & Mab Parody thom: I'm living in a world of.. mab: whoaa..what'd i do?..i'm innocent.. thom: mmm..what're we having for lunch later?? mab: whatever..i'm still innocent ..lalalala~~ ----------------------------------------------------- ...then came along Ken Seng...
yo,Lu..w'up?? OI..u're using webcam??!!!

oh,'m ken seng ...nice to meet you

morning..had to get up early this send vince to coll..ugh...........i wanna die de...
had to get up darn early..couldn't even move me body properly..completely sore..
Seev came during midnight to get micro econs notes..lost his way to my house ....again..XD..
nice soya favourite...^0^..
went to pick up vince in.....ampaaaaaaaangggg againnnnnn...traffic's the least there wasn't much half dead drivers on the road..
lucky him..slept at 4 something..and got up at 'bout 8..incredible..i'd be half…

Lunch..and Angels & Demons

^^carmen eating..m'chelle waiting while watching others eat.. <<> adrian,sasi,jian yao..yum yum

^^adrian,sasi..let the games begin!!


first time going to a movie with 15 people..myself included.. Carmenpatra, M'chelle, Vivian, Bawarni, specky gal, Sasi, Adrian, TJ, Vemal, Abel, Gavin & gf, 2 specky fellas..and i sat next to grabbin' me popcorns towards the end of the show..good tho..i couldn't finish...XD..gotta say..i was right..knew there'd be other college students as well..cuz.. i saw Elaine Voon..Cal..XD..Cal's hairstyle..OMG...out of a punk rock concert..anyway..the UTAR or KTAR students were in da same show..>.<"" hmm..the movie's quite ok for me..learnt alot of history...and culture 2 and the half hours..mmm..tom hank's humour is quite ...dry? thought ewan mcGregor would be the villain...guess my hunch was right after …